Time Is Money - Making The Most Of Your Time On A Shuttle Bus

If you are on a shuttle bus for business, you might feel like you are losing valuable time en route. If you can make your shuttle ride more productive, you won't be missing out on too much work time. Here are four ideas to make the most of your time on a shuttle bus. 1. Pick a Service with WIFI If you can stay connected, you can get more work done while shuttling between locations. [Read More]

Keep On Trucking With A 2nd Career

Many people who might otherwise be considering retirement are finding that cash it tight, and they aren't ready to stop working. However, they may also be feeling pressure to accept an early retirement, or they might just be sick and tired of their jobs. Some people in this situation are turning to trucking You can start a trucking career after the age of 50, and here are some reasons you should consider it. [Read More]

Ways You Can Make Your Taxi Driver's Life Easier

Have you ever rode in a taxi with a driver that just seems like he's having a bad day? That may be because he had to deal with people that treated him poorly. Avoid annoying your taxi driver by following these simple guidelines. It'll make both of you happier. Don't Fight Over a Ride Here's a weird fact for you: even higher than police officers, taxi drivers are the most common victims of homicide in Canada. [Read More]