Breaking Down 3 Myths About Using A Charter Bus

If you are looking for transportation for your next event, you should consider renting a charter bus for your group. Don't let old myths and ideas hold you back from renting a charter bus; they are a great form of group transportation. Myth #1: The Trip Will Take Too Long Many people wrongly believe that taking a charter bus to a destination will take too long in comparison to a flight, for example. [Read More]

Why Sign Up To A Paid Truck Load Board?

If you've recently started your own trucking company, then you may be struggling to get regular work. If there are a lot of other truckers in your area, then you'll be a small fish in a big pond right now. It'll take time and hard work to establish your business. It may help to sign up for a truck load board service. These online sites give you a way to connect to brokers and, sometimes, direct customers who need trucks to carry their loads. [Read More]

Save Time and Cut Costs With Permit Agencies

Handling paperwork for yourself or your fleet can be a daunting task when dealing with oversize and overweight loads. As you may already know, you are required by law to have a permit in order to authorize travel on public roads when handling cargo that exceeds a defined size and weight. Applying for these permits can be difficult, as they vary by state, vehicle type, and cargo size. If you're struggling to understand your options and what your next steps should be, read on to learn more about where to find more information on Oversize permits, and the services available to assist you in obtaining them. [Read More]

What Goes Into An LTL Shipping Quote For Atypical Freight?

Less than truckload (LTL) shipping is a great option for businesses who need to ship freight but don't particularly need a full trailer to do so. LTL can help you save money while getting your shipment to where it needs to go in a timely fashion. However, an atypical shipment may not always qualify for LTL, or the quote may not feature a price you expect. How LTL Freight Quotes Usually Work [Read More]