Precautions For Truckers Dealing With Overweight Load Freights

If you have freight that's above the approved weight standards for a particular road system, this is considered an overweight load. While you can still drive with it, you'll just need to perform a couple of actions first. Take Advantage of Route-Planning Tools You want to be very particular with the routes you take with an overweight load as a trucker. By taking these measures, you can easily stick to the correct road systems that allow for safe and legal passage. [Read More]

Factors That Impact The Cost Of Charter Bus Rental

Your next group excursion is approaching quickly. Do you have a plan in place for everyone to access the desired location in a safe, reliable, and timely manner? If you arrange for different transportation means for the attendees, it is much more likely for the attendees to get lost, show up late, misplace their bags, etc. Besides, there is no assurance that when you choose these choices, everyone in your group will join you or agree to the different transport means you deem fit for them. [Read More]

3 Tips To Buy An Appropriate Shuttle Bus

If you have arrived at a decision to buy a shuttle, the next step is to find one that works for your needs. It should be within your budget, have a hassle-free purchase process, and be easy to maintain. Buying a shuttle bus is a hefty investment, so walk into it with eyes wide open. Like many other offers in the vehicle industry, what you hear might differ from what you get. [Read More]

Breaking Down 3 Myths About Using A Charter Bus

If you are looking for transportation for your next event, you should consider renting a charter bus for your group. Don't let old myths and ideas hold you back from renting a charter bus; they are a great form of group transportation. Myth #1: The Trip Will Take Too Long Many people wrongly believe that taking a charter bus to a destination will take too long in comparison to a flight, for example. [Read More]