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Three Things To Consider Before You Tip A Chauffeur

Whether you've opted for a town car, a luxury SUV or have gone all-out and rented a limousine for your next special outing, it's difficult to beat this fancy way of travel. Although you'll customarily deal with the rental fee for the transportation at the time that you book it, it's important not to forget the tipping process at the culmination of your journey. Tipping your chauffeur is not only a sign that you're aware of proper etiquette rules, but is also the best way to say "thank you" for the service he or she has provided. Here are three things to keep in mind before you give your tip.

You Need To Know The Price Of The Vehicle Rental

If you book your luxury transportation well in advance of the date, it's important to take a moment to check your records to ensure that you know the exact price of the rental. This information is integral because, like tipping at a restaurant, the amount that you tip your chauffeur should be a percentage of the vehicle rental price. For an average experience, tip about 10 percent; for service that really stands out, tipping 15 percent or more is appropriate.

Keep An Eye Out For Things That Affect The Tip

Even if you're hanging out in the back of the vehicle enjoying a good time with friends, it's useful to be aware of some of the factors that should help you decide how you'll tip the chauffeur. Many travellers tip based on the riding experience; they'll tip more generously if the chauffeur offers a smooth ride while still getting to the destinations on time. Others evaluate their interactions with the chauffeur and will tip more if he or she does something notable, such as provides some valuable tips about a place the group might wish to visit or interacts with the group in a friendly manner throughout the rental period.

Tipping In Cash Is Simplest And Best

Whereas you can tip with a credit or debit card at a variety of businesses, tipping your chauffeur with cash is the best approach. It avoids drawing out the tipping process, which can be awkward. Always ensure that you're carrying enough cash -- in bills of several different denominations -- with you on your ride. Once the chauffeur opens the back door of the vehicle to let you get out for the final time, it's the right opportunity to hand him or her the tip as you share your verbal thanks.