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Thinking About Tipping Your Courier? Here's What You Need To Know

It's a good feeling to be eagerly anticipating the arrival of something that you've ordered online and hear the rumble of the local courier service's truck pull into your driveway. This excitement can occasionally turn to concern as you think about tipping to show your gratitude -- do couriers normally get tipped? If so, how much? Or is offering a tip an etiquette no-no? The good news is that you can get clarity on all these questions so that you'll be able to decide exactly what you want to do when you hear your doorbell ring. Here are three important things to know about tipping your courier.

Some Companies Have Strict No-Tipping Policies

It's discouraging -- and possibly even a little embarrassing -- to decide to tip your courier, hand him or her some cash upon opening the door and be told that the courier service doesn't allow its drivers to accept tips from customers. Fortunately, you can completely avoid the risk of this encounter by confirming the company's policy in advance. When you order something online, check the tracking information to learn the courier that will be carrying it and then call the courier's general inquiry number to ask if it has a tipping policy. You'll then know how to proceed.

Tipping Around The Holidays Is More Common Than Everyday Tipping

You shouldn't feel obligated to tip each time your courier arrives; couriers rarely expect tips for doing their job. However, many customers choose to tip around the holidays -- especially if they use a certain courier company frequently and often find that the same driver visits their home. There are many approaches you can take. One idea is to give around $10 or $20 in cash, but you can also opt for a gift card. Unless you know your courier well, focus on a gift card for something general such as a grocery store. You could also give something edible such as holiday baking or some treats for the road.

Keep These Tip-Influencing Factors In Mind

If you think that you'll tip around the holidays, there are a variety of factors that you can notice throughout the year to help you decide how much to tip. Of course, your personal interactions with the courier are key toward influencing the tip -- someone who is friendly and courteous can earn a generous tip. Think, too, about any difficulties that your home poses. For example, if your driveway is extremely long or the courier has to climb a tall flight of steps to reach your home, you might wish to tip more.

For more information on tipping for courier services by MC Dispatch and other companies, contact a local business.