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Precautions To Take When Using Intermodal Drayage Transportation For Goods

When you ship materials using multiple modes of transportation, this is known as intermodal drayage transport. Its advantages include less handling and extra security. If you're looking to utilize it for a cargo of goods, then take these precautions.

Find Shippers Experienced with Intermodal Methods

There may be multiple shipping companies involved in intermodal drayage transportation to get goods to a specific destination in a refined manner. You want to make sure these shippers are already familiar with intermodal methods in particular. This way, you won't be exposed to as many risks or subsequent costs.

Shippers experienced with intermodal methods will know what vehicles are involved, whether it's ships, trains, or semi-trucks. They'll also know key handling procedures that can get your cargo on and off various vehicles quickly, which can help speed up the entire shipping process.

Have Chosen Shipping Methods Assessed by a Logistics Expert

Once you think you have the right modes of transportation outlined, you should have them verified by a logistics expert. Then you won't risk choosing the wrong transportation mode and suffering great penalties as a result. An intermodal logistics expert in particular will be helpful in having your selected transportation modes assessed. 

If they are correct, based on the distances and routes used, you'll get confirmation and can then start intermodal drayage transportation with added confidence. Whereas if there are issues with one or several methods of transportation, you'll get recommendations for what improvements to make.

Constantly Monitor Transportation Statuses

If you want to avoid stressful obstacles throughout intermodal drayage transportation, then one of the best things you can do is monitor the status of this process the entire time. That way, you'll have insights that either give you peace of mind, or direction for what adjustments to make. You just need to find shipping companies that make receiving transportation alerts easy.

For instance, companies that use centralized platforms when updating clients on the status of intermodal drayage transportation would save you a lot of hassle. You can log in and then see where your shipment is at and the type of transportation method that's currently being used.

If you're set to go forward with intermodal drayage transportation to refine how your goods show up to clients, then use these tips to figure out the best path for success. As long as you do what works best for your cargo and company, you won't have a lot of worries.