Talking About Cabs and Airport Shuttles

Etiquette Guidelines For Riding In An Airport Shuttle

Riding in an airport shuttle is certainly a convenient way to get to the airport from your accommodations. Some hotels have their own dedicated shuttle that will take guests to the airport. Other hotels are serviced by a shuttle that's owned by a private company and makes multiple stops at various hotels. Regardless of which type of shuttle you end up riding in, there are a few etiquette tips to keep in mind as you do.

Stand by the curb, and put your hand up.

Hotels and airports are busy places with a lot of people. Shuttle drivers are always looking and watching for people they need to pick up. You might think simply standing at the shuttle pickup area would be enough to alert the driver that you need to be picked up. But in some airports, the shuttle stops are really busy and have a lot of people walking by. So, standing near the curb and putting your hand up to signal the shuttle driver when you see them approaching is a good idea. (Just stand far enough back that the shuttle driver doesn't have to move over to avoid you!)

Let the shuttle driver take your luggage if they offer.

Some shuttles have a separate compartment for luggage, which might be under the main seating area or to the back of it. If your driver offers to take your luggage and put it back there, allow them to do so. This creates more space in the seating area, which may be needed if it's a busy time with lots of passengers. If you have personal items you'd rather keep on your person during your shuttle ride, stash them in a smaller purse or bag that you can keep on your lap during the ride.

Leave a small tip.

It is considered customary to tip airport shuttle drivers. It's not required, and you don't have to leave a large tip like you would at a restaurant or salon. But if the driver took your luggage for you, got you to your destination in time, and was generally friendly, giving them a few dollars as a tip shows your appreciation.

Riding in an airport shuttle can be a relaxing experience when you're looking forward to a busy day of traveling and hustling. Follow the tips above, and both you and the other passengers will have a better ride on the shuttle.