Talking About Cabs and Airport Shuttles

3 Tips To Buy An Appropriate Shuttle Bus

If you have arrived at a decision to buy a shuttle, the next step is to find one that works for your needs. It should be within your budget, have a hassle-free purchase process, and be easy to maintain. Buying a shuttle bus is a hefty investment, so walk into it with eyes wide open. Like many other offers in the vehicle industry, what you hear might differ from what you get. Whether you are looking for a new or used shuttle bus for sale, there are few things to keep in mind:

1. Size Up the Need for the Shuttle 

What do you need the shuttle for? Shuttle buses can be configured to seat 15-25 passengers. You can go for the higher capacity if the shuttle is for public transport like a school, church, or tour van. You can opt for lower passenger capacity and more legroom if it is for private use.  

2. Assess Your Budget and Financing Options Available 

How much do you have compared to what your preferred shuttle costs? Is a new bus better than a used one for your budget? Several considerations go into your financial decisions. A new bus will have a longer life and is more ideal for intensive use, as a school shuttle for example. A used bus is more affordable but has a shorter lifespan but useful for occasional use, like for a church or family trip.

Are there financing options to enable you to get what you want? Bus dealers often have financing options for mobility vans for sale. If the dealer does not handle the financing, they should connect you to another financier. Do not rush into a financing agreement because the details are hidden in the fine print. Get a financial expert to look into it before committing to the deal. 

3. Ask About Custom Options

Is the dealer willing to accommodate custom options for equipment and amenities? Some customizable features include aisle width, upholstery, overhead storage, side sliders, and shoulder and foot rests. You also need amenities to make the bus more functional, such as Wi-Fi and phone charger sockets. Custom options are ideal if the shuttle bus is for luxury use like a tour van. But also consider the impact of these custom options on the cost of the van and the delivery time. 

These considerations will help you assess the ideal shuttle bus for sale. It is the most optimal transportation decision you have made, so go for what works best for your business, organization, or family.