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Why Sign Up To A Paid Truck Load Board?

If you've recently started your own trucking company, then you may be struggling to get regular work. If there are a lot of other truckers in your area, then you'll be a small fish in a big pond right now. It'll take time and hard work to establish your business.

It may help to sign up for a truck load board service. These online sites give you a way to connect to brokers and, sometimes, direct customers who need trucks to carry their loads. This can be a good source of business for new companies.

While some load board sites don't charge you to use them, others do. It may be worth considering using a paid site rather than a free option. Why?

Get Access to More Jobs

Paid load board sites tend to have an even flow of jobs. The companies that run the sites know that they need to bring in regular work to keep subscribing truckers on the board. If they can't give you opportunities, you won't pay to use the site.

These sites are also often home to more attractive opportunities. For example, you may be able to source recurring jobs, larger loads, and exclusive jobs that you won't find on any other boards.

You'll probably also find that you have fewer competitors on a paid load board. Some truckers simply don't want to pay membership fees. Your competition won't be as fierce as it would be on a free board where any trucking company can take their chances.

Get More Features

While free load boards can help you hook up with brokers and jobs, you may not get many extra features. Paid load boards need to offer you more to keep you on the site.

So, for example, you may get access to an app, which will be useful when you're on the road. You usually get enhanced payment systems, advanced filtering and search tools, and targeted job alerts. Some sites offer triangulation tools that help you plan routes to avoid deadhead loads after a one-way delivery or pickup.

Paid boards also usually offer more robust credit checking and background information on the brokers you'll potentially work for.  You stand a better chance of finding out how quickly and reliably a broker pays. The more checks you can run in advance, the more likely you are to make a successful deal with a reputable company.

To find out more about how a board can help you get your business up and running, talk to truck load board companies.