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What Goes Into An LTL Shipping Quote For Atypical Freight?

Less than truckload (LTL) shipping is a great option for businesses who need to ship freight but don't particularly need a full trailer to do so. LTL can help you save money while getting your shipment to where it needs to go in a timely fashion. However, an atypical shipment may not always qualify for LTL, or the quote may not feature a price you expect.

How LTL Freight Quotes Usually Work

LTL freight services allow you to occupy a portion of a truck's trailer, rather than the full trailer. The service will deliver your pallets or other freight through the carrier's spokes and hub before finding itself on a route that takes it to the assigned destination.

Your freight will share space with other shipments and may go through more than one truck to reach the intended recipient. The extra handling can add time to the shipping process, but carriers still adhere to a strict timetable, so you can use these services confidently.

When you choose LTL freight service, your pallets or items must meet the carrier's specifications for their LTL service, which includes:

  • Weight limits
  • Height limits
  • Class limits
  • Distance limits
  • Density limits

If you don't exceed the carrier's limits for LTL shipping, then the carrier will base your quote on these factors as they would with any other shipment. However, you may have an atypical load that technically meets most of the requirements but still isn't quite right for LTL shipping.

How Atypical Shipments Sometimes Require a Different Solution

Some types of freight won't work with an LTL solution. Some examples of this include:

  • Cargo that fills up space, but has very little weight
  • Fragile items or items with special delivery instructions
  • Extremely expensive cargo or anything that greatly increases the carrier's liability
  • Cargo that cannot fit on a pallet or skid
  • Things that have odd or unwieldy shapes
  • Cargo that's small, but extremely heavy

Many carriers tend to take things on a case-by-case basis, so there's still a possibility you can find an LTL quote for your atypical cargo. However, depending on what you're shipping, you may want to see what other options the carrier can offer.

Some carriers offer other types of partial shipping options to accommodate atypical shipments. Partial truckload (PTL) shipping can often work where LTL cannot. Often, choosing the next level of service will give you a more affordable quote than trying to use a service your cargo isn't best suited for.

When looking for a freight quote for your shipping needs, start with LTL options and see if the carrier will accommodate you. If not, they might just have another option that's perfect for your needs. Contact a company like Move Freight to learn more.