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Want To Move Your Car From The U.S. To Canada? Your Pre-Shipping Checklist

There are many reasons why you might be crossing the U.S. border and traveling into Canada. Some of these reasons can apply to your vehicle. People who are relocating to Canada for work or personal reasons often want to bring their personal vehicle along with them.

If you are planning on shipping your vehicle using a transport company, be sure that you complete a pre-shipping checklist to ensure your vehicle is ready to withstand the trip.

Establish Ownership of the Vehicle

Your vehicle will be inspected by Canadian government agents before being allowed entry into the country. One of the things that these government agents will be looking for is proper documentation establishing ownership of the vehicle.

Take the time to locate an original title for your car or truck before contacting a shipping company. If you are still making payments on the vehicle, gather your purchase contract, current registration, and a letter from your lender approving the move. Most international car transport companies will not accept your vehicle without adequate proof of ownership.

Clean Your Vehicle Thoroughly

The transport of agricultural goods across country borders is not allowed. You probably won't be filling your car with fruit or vegetables before shipment, but the vehicle could be harboring some agricultural remnants you aren't aware of.

If there is a lot of dirt caked on the undercarriage of your vehicle, the vehicle could be detained at the border to avoid potential agricultural contamination.

Have your vehicle cleaned thoroughly (inside and out) to ensure no soil is present before you drop it off with an international transport company. This will help prevent border delays and costly fines when shipping your vehicle to Canada.

Document the Condition of Your Vehicle

A reliable transport company will take precautions to protect your vehicle during transit. Even the most responsible transporter can encounter unforeseen accidents, so it's important that you document the condition of your vehicle before shipping.

Take photographs of all sides of the vehicle. Photograph the interior and undercarriage as well. You can use these photographs as a baseline when evaluating your vehicle for damage upon its arrival at your new home in Canada.

Major shipping companies carry insurance policies that will cover the cost of any travel-related damage your vehicle sustains, and photographic evidence can help you prove the extent of any damage that will need to be repaired by a professional.

For more information, contact a cross border auto transport company.