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3 Tips For Using A Helicopter Service When Filming A Movie

If you're working on filming a movie, you might have one or more scenes that should be shot inside of a helicopter. You can use a helicopter service to charter a helicopter for your scenes, but before you do this, you'll probably want to know about these helpful tips.

1. Be Prepared for Your Scenes

First, you should make sure that you do enough planning and that you are well-prepared for your helicopter scenes beforehand. This is important for a few reasons. You'll need to know what type and size of helicopter you want to charter for the movie, for one thing. You'll also need to know about the different types of scenes that you're going to want to have for your movie. Thinking carefully about these things before hiring and using a helicopter charter service will help you make sure that you get all of your scenes done while you're using the service. Plus, since many of these companies charge for their services by the hour or mile -- or both -- knowing what you want to do beforehand will help you keep costs from going higher than you had originally planned for.

2. Choose the Right Helicopter Service

Look for a helicopter charter service that is accustomed to helping people with filming, since they might be more understanding of your needs and the process than a company that charters helicopters for transportation services or to show people a nice view. Additionally, make sure that the helicopter charter service has the helicopters that you want for your filming and that has availability on a day that will work well for you and your filming schedule.

3. Be Prepared for Motion Sickness

One thing that you might not have thought about is the possibility of some of the cast or crew members feeling motion sickness while on the helicopter. Flying on a helicopter is a different experience than flying on an airplane. Those who experience some motion sickness already or who have never flown on a helicopter before might have a slight problem with motion sickness, which can obviously leave them feeling uncomfortable and sick and can have an impact on your filming. Consider bringing along motion sickness medication and going over motion sickness coping strategies beforehand with anyone who might be flying on the helicopter during filming.

Using a real helicopter while filming a movie can help you create the perfect film, and the tips above can help you get things right while using a helicopter charter service for this purpose.