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Planning A First Date With Someone Special

Going on a first date with someone you like a lot can be challenging when it comes to figuring out what to do. Planning the wrong types of activities can ruin a date, as the other party might get the wrong idea about your personality. If you have not already done so, it is important to have a conversation with the other party to pick up on things that he or she might be interested in doing.

Make sure the activities are of an interest to you as well if you don't want to accidentally show signs of boredom on the date and cause your date to think you are uninterested. Read the information below for a few suggestions that can help you plan out a successful date.

Create a Pre-Date Questionnaire

If you don't want to ask a lot of questions to learn about your date in person, consider drafting up a pre-date questionnaire. Make the questionnaire a fun activity for you and the other party to complete by exchanging them through email. Be sure to include questions that will be useful as you are coming up with a date plan. For example, you can ask how your date feels about drinking alcoholic beverages and what his or her drink of preference is. You will them know if activities involving alcohol should be included in the date plans.

Visit a Charitable Organization

Visiting a charitable organization with your date is the type of activity that won't bring any disappointments. You will have the opportunity to show your date that you care about people and humanity in general. If you don't know of any charitable organizations in your area, consider offering volunteer services at a nursing home or other place in which you can assist people in need. 

To make volunteering more special on your date, get custom t-shirts designed that you and the other party can wear. The shirts will make great memorabilia if the first date turns into a life-long relationship.

Plan to Go on a Wine Tasting Tour

If you discover that your date enjoys alcoholic beverages, plan a wine tour into the occasion. You can opt for the type of your that includes transportation to and from various wineries. Call in advance if there are specific wineries that you are interested in taking your date to. You may also be able to request that certain wine types are included in the tasting tour, such as if you know what your date's preference is. Depending on the wine tour company that you choose, the tour can be done with a limousine as the method of transportation.

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