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Five Ways In Which A Quick Turn Service Keeps Air Vehicles In The Air

Quick turn service is a fuel company that airlifts fuel to planes, cargo buses, etc., in order to keep these vehicles in the air and prevents them from crashing down. There are a couple of different delivery methods, as well as five types of vehicles to which the fuel is airlifted. Those that fly the extra fuel to the air vehicles have to be the very best pilots in order to connect the fuel hoses to the vehicles in flight. Here are five ways in which the five types of vehicles are kept in the air:

Passenger Planes

Emergency fuel is delivered to passenger planes when the planes have to circle a landing strip for a very long time. This may happen because there was an accident on the ground or a plane that crashed before take-off. Whatever the reason, incoming planes are forced to circle until they are cleared to land. Fuel is flown up to these planes to keep them in flight and prevent an additional crash on the landing strip below.

Jumbo Jets/Airbuses 

These types of planes have double to quadruple the passenger capacity and weight that needs to stay in the air. As such, they are usually only used for short distances because they consume a lot of fuel. They also hold a lot of fuel, so a quick turn service is used to fuel them completely on the ground, and then again in the air if needed.

Cargo Planes

Cargo planes carry cargo only. They are frequently used by mail and package delivery services. These services have to fly very quickly from one destination to the next to make their overnight deliveries on time. They are fueled every time they land so that the pilots can "quick turn" around and head back or go on to another stop. They are almost never fueled in the air.

Military Cargo Buses

These giant air vehicles have drop-down back hatches for loading crates of supplies, tanks, and other military vehicles that need to be airlifted to the soldiers. They require a ton of fuel and almost always have to be refueled midair because of their weight and size. They may be accompanied by fuel planes from a quick turn service to make sure they have adequate fuel the entire distance of their projected flight.

Space Shuttles

Yes, even space shuttles need fuel. In rare instances when a shuttle goes up in space and then comes back down, it may not have quite enough fuel to land. It may be the result of a slow leak, or space junk hitting the tank while the shuttle was in orbit. Whatever the reason, they require fuel as soon as they near the mesosphere or stratosphere.

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