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Partner With A Valet Service For Your VIP Event

When you're hosting a VIP event, you want to ensure that every small detail is addressed. One way to make your event feel even fancier is to hire a valet service to take care of attendees' parking needs. While you might customarily associate valet parking with high-end hotels and restaurants, the reality is that you can hire a valet service to look after any event that you're hosting in any location. With a valet service on the scene, guests won't have the hassle of dealing with parking. For a truly VIP experience, find a company that can provide these things:

Text Messaging

Conventionally, people who use the valet service are given a slip of paper upon dropping off their vehicle. At the end of the event, they go to the valet stand, hand over this slip, and wait for their vehicle to be delivered. Many higher-end valet companies can offer text messaging that makes the process of retrieving vehicles quicker and easier for your guests. Upon handing over his or her vehicle, a guest is given a number for the vehicle and a number to text. When the guest is ready to leave, he or she can simply text his or her number to the designated number and be told when the vehicle will be ready. This saves the hassle of waiting outside.

Drive-Home Service

You want to ensure that everyone who attends your VIP event gets home safely. Some people may choose to consume alcohol at the event, and while you could always call these people taxis, many valet services offer an even better option. A trained valet driver will take the person home safely in his or her own vehicle, while another valet will follow behind to pick up the valet driver. This way, the guest doesn't have to go retrieve his or her vehicle at the event location in the morning.

Traffic Control

Even if you offer valet service, not every guest may choose to use it. This can potentially lead to a logjam of vehicles around the front doors and parking area of the venue. Make sure that you hire a valet service that assigns some valet staff members to perform traffic control. While other valets look after your guests, those doing traffic control will politely point drivers in the right direction and ensure that the flow of traffic around the venue moves as steadily as possible.