Talking About Cabs and Airport Shuttles

Dos And Don'ts Of Eating While You Ride Airport Transportation

Whether you call an airport taxi to pick you up at your home or hotel or you ride the free shuttle between your hotel and departure terminal, using airport transportation is reliable, quick, and devoid of stress. During the ride, you'll have an opportunity to go over the details of your flight so that you can be quick and efficient when you reach the airport. You may also wish to use this trip to quickly eat a meal, especially if you're running late and won't have time to buy something at the airport. It's useful to keep a number of simple rules in mind that will allow you to eat with ease and without complications. Here are some dos and don'ts.

Do: Pick A Travel-Friendly Meal

Whether you're riding in a taxi or sitting on a shuttle, it's ideal to eat something that is conducive to this environment. Meals that are difficult to eat without a knife and fork or those that may spill and make a mess are generally poor choices. Instead, think about travel-friendly options such as a protein bar, soup in a jar, a protein shake, or a sandwich. Selecting these meals means that you won't be likely to make a mess in the vehicle, nor will you likely end up with some of the food on your clothing, which is the last thing you want before your flight.

Don't: Select Something With A Potent Smell

You may love the strong smell of certain types of foods, but that won't necessarily be the case for your taxi driver or the fellow passengers on the airport shuttle. It's best to select foods that don't smell strongly and to stay away from those that can quickly change the smell of the vehicle's interior. On a shuttle, you may be sitting in close quarters to other travelers, and it's respectful to ensure that your meal choice doesn't annoy their olfactory sense.

Do: Choose Containers That Are Easy To Carry Off

While some taxis and shuttles have garbages, it's nice to carry your garbage off the vehicle and dispose of it at the airport to save the driver the hassle of emptying the garbage regularly. To this end, make sure that your food is in a container that is easy to carry. You'll also have to manage your luggage, so you want a container or wrapper that you can slip under your arm or into a pocket or purse without making a mess. For example, grabbing a paper plate of scrambled eggs, toast, and bacon from your hotel for the shuttle ride might seem enticing, but it can be difficult to carry the messy paper plate when you're done.

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