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To Rent Or Not To Rent, That Is The Question: Times And Tasks That Merit Leasing A Heavy-Duty Truck

Think your little pickup is fine for a job or home project? Do you really want to use your personal vehicle to tow heavy or messy loads during your project and risk damage to your vehicle? There are definitely some times that merit renting a heavy-duty truck, and there are many contractors and transportation companies that will lease the perfect truck for your specific task.

To rent or not to rent a truck, that is the question; these situations merit looking into leasing a heavy-duty vehicle: 

Transporting dirt and fill. How many trips will it take in your truck to move all the mulch, fill, or dirt that you need for your home project? It could be a less time-consuming chore to go ahead and rent a truck that is made for things like transporting heavy loads, especially if you have a major landscaping project on the horizon.

Towing a vehicle. Towing a vehicle is far easier with a heavy duty truck rather than using a smaller, personal truck for the task. Keep in mind that if you are towing a truck and the combined total weight of both vehicles is more than 26k pounds, then you will need a commercial license to drive. This doesn't mean that you will be required to weigh the trucks prior to driving, it means that the type of truck that you rent might fall into a different classification that requires commercial licensing in order to lease and drive off in the heavy-duty vehicle.

Relocating or moving. Moving is made a lot easier with a large, heavy-duty truck to help relocate your big and bulky belongings. Moving things like snowmobiles, motorcycles, campers, and trailers to fit all of your stuff is much more efficient when you are dealing with a truck that can withstand the bulk and weight of your possessions. Furthermore, you won't have to worry about getting a scratch or a dent on your regular ride during the process! 

Home construction. Copy… Be cognizant of local laws that may dictate what and how much of certain materials you are allowed to tow in your truck. In some regions, for instance, you are only allowed to tow 1000-pounds of hazardous materials at a time; this means that if you are planning a demolition or major renovation project, you might need to be pragmatic about removing the debris and materials on your own.

Make light work of a home project by looking into leasing a heavy-duty truck for the task. Not only does the right vehicle make the job easier, it will take a lot of stress and strain off your personal truck. Talk with paving contractors and equipment rental agents to find out the costs and licensing involved in renting a heavy-duty truck (from an outlet such as Ontario Gerry's Truck Centre) for your projects and chores.