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Party Bus Safety Tips For Bachelorette Parties

If you are planning on reserving a party bus for an upcoming bachelorette party out on the town, you are already being responsible by not driving the night of your event. Keeping your ladies safe should be your number one priority so that you can all relax and have fun. Here are four party bus safety tips to keep in mind while out celebrating with a special bride-to-be.

1. Know Your Driver

Vetting a party bus or limo company is your first step towards having a safe, successful bachelorette party. Check online listings and make sure drivers and vehicles are certified and come well recommended. Be sure to introduce yourself to the driver and exchange numbers in case there are changes or you need to get a hold of one another throughout your event.

2. Keep Everyone Accounted For

The buddy system might sound silly, but it is a great way to make sure that all of your ladies make it back on the bus. If your bachelorette party is more than ten people, it can be easy to lose track of someone. Make sure that everyone is accounted for and has someone that is watching their back throughout the day or evening.

3. Designate a Bride Babysitter

As the bride's best friend or sister, you should be in charge of making sure the plans go smoothly so that the bride-to-be can focus on having fun. If you will be busy coordinating with the driver on logistics or keeping the group together, designate another bridesmaid or friend to specifically be a bride babysitter. If there will be drinking going on, this lady should stay sober and mindful of the bride throughout the party.

4. Have an After-Hours Plan

Most party busses will drop off to one or two locations at the end of the night, so be sure to have a plan for your girls once the party's over. It is a good idea to have a hotel suite or rental everyone can stay at or find a volunteer who doesn't mind a sleepover at their house. Try to ensure that everyone can crash and not worry about getting home.

Whether you are hitting up clubs or wineries, it is a good idea to make sure that safety is a part of your event. Party busses are a great way to let loose but can lead some party goers to hit the alcohol a little harder than normal, leading to unsafe situations. Try to have a game plan worked out ahead of time to keep everyone safe and to ensure that the bride-to-be has a blast.

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