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3 Things You Should Ask Your Courier

If you work in a busy city, courier services might help you to send documents and parcels to potential investors and clients in a jiffy. However, some services are better than others, which is why you should always take the time to talk to any potential courier service. Here are three things you should ask your courier, so that you can avoid trouble:

1: "Are you bonded?"

Accidents and mischief happen, which is why bonded couriers are a must. Bonding protects you against issues like theft, embezzlement, intellectual property issues, and mishandling.  For example, if those crucial documents are unintentionally delivered to one of your competitors, bonding might help you pay for any losses that might accrue because of the mistake.

Before you use a courier service, ask how much the company is bonded for. Make sure that the business is bonded for more than you stand to lose if something were to happen to your document or parcel. It might seem like a lot of extra research, but it could protect your business.   

2: "Is on-time delivery guaranteed?"

Although most companies talk about speedy service, some couriers don't guarantee that your parcel will arrive by any particular time. Unfortunately, depending on your business, meeting timelines might make or break business deals. Make sure that your courier understands when the package needs to be delivered, and how to confirm delivery after the fact. Some services offer money-back guarantees for late deliveries, so that you don't pay for a delivery that didn't make it on time.  

3: "Which items are prohibited?"

Before you send that package on its way, make sure that you ask which items are prohibited. Some services have regulations to keep bicycle couriers and pedestrians safe. Here are a few items that you might not be able to ship:

  • Chemicals: Think twice before sending bottles of liquids or chemicals on the road. Since couriers frequently carry more than one item at a time, objects can get knocked around—potentially causing spills or dangerous chemical leaks.
  • Large, Awkward Items: Some courier services have size limits for transported goods to keep drivers safe. For example, your package might need to fit inside of a small backpack.
  • Valuable Objects: Since employees are only bonded for so much money, they might not be allowed to carry valuable packages filled with jewelry or irreplaceable merchandise.

By taking the time to talk with your courier, you might be able to fend off liabilities, and stress less about the journey. Visit A-Dash Messenger Service Ltd for more information.