Talking About Cabs and Airport Shuttles

Time Is Money - Making The Most Of Your Time On A Shuttle Bus

If you are on a shuttle bus for business, you might feel like you are losing valuable time en route. If you can make your shuttle ride more productive, you won't be missing out on too much work time. Here are four ideas to make the most of your time on a shuttle bus.

1. Pick a Service with WIFI

If you can stay connected, you can get more work done while shuttling between locations. You can always check emails on your smartphone, but this might not get you caught up. If you can pull out your laptop and review reports or work on projects, you will be more productive and won't get too behind on office work. Bring a flat surface along as well to make your space like a mini office.

2. Lists and Brainstorming

Sometimes you can be more creative when you are in a situation where one of the only things you can do is sit and think. Don't just get stir crazy and waste time; take advantage of the situation. If there are work problems you are sorting through or idea shopping for projects, try to get some brainstorming in. Use this time to get your thoughts down on paper or listed in your phone.

3. Sleep

If you are traveling, your sleep schedule might be out of whack from getting up early or from different time zones. A great way to take advantage of a longer shuttle bus ride is to catch up on sleep. Make sure that you are ready to get in a nap if you need this. Bring along headphones or earplugs to cancel out other noises inside and outside of the shuttle bus and a travel pillow to get comfortable.

4. Invest in Additional Travel Chargers

Using tablets, phones and laptops is a great use of time, but the battery life can be eaten up quickly. Especially if you are connecting to the internet, watching media or listening to music, don't get caught without power. Bring along a charged up additional battery you can plug in to your tech items so that you are prepared.

Traveling doesn't have to eat up your productivity. Taking a shuttle service so that you are free to get in work or rest along the way can be a better use of time than renting a car and driving. Make sure that you are prepared for your next business trip by making the most out of your time on a shuttle bus, like those at MacLeod's Shuttle Service.