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Ways You Can Make Your Taxi Driver's Life Easier

Have you ever rode in a taxi with a driver that just seems like he's having a bad day? That may be because he had to deal with people that treated him poorly. Avoid annoying your taxi driver by following these simple guidelines. It'll make both of you happier.

Don't Fight Over a Ride

Here's a weird fact for you: even higher than police officers, taxi drivers are the most common victims of homicide in Canada. Why is that? There are a variety of reasons, chief among them being angry passengers arguing over the ride. Whether passengers are arguing about price or trying to sneak their way into an already taken cab, taxi drivers have a surprisingly dangerous job.

This is why you should avoid fighting over a ride with a taxi driver whenever possible. Their job is already stressful enough without arguing passengers adding even more strain.

Know Your Exact Address

You know what taxi drivers hate? Passengers that don't know their destination's exact address. While most drivers will intimately know their city, they won't know the address of every single building. So, telling them to drive to the "big white building on Johnson Street" doesn't cut it.

If you struggle to remember the addresses in your life, you can download an address book app to your cell phone or tablet. This will come in handy in multiple situations, including when you need to hail a cab.

Don't Back Seat Drive

Taxi drivers have a serious problem with back seat driving. A large part of this annoying behavior boils down to anxiety: many people feel uncomfortable putting their life in the hands of a driver they just met. As a result, they annoy their driver with a barrage of instructions that they really don't need.

And shouting directions at a frazzled taxi driver can cause a serious distraction that may impact your safety. So, it's best to simply stay quiet during the drive, unless you are in serious danger. It'll make the ride more relaxing for everyone involved.

Be Patient with Language Barriers

Here's another interesting fact about Canadian taxi drivers: about half of them are foreign immigrants. As a result, they may not speak English or French as fluently as you'd like. Be patient with this language barrier.

If your driver doesn't immediately understand your address, don't get irate with them. Stay patient and repeat yourself as often as necessary. Try different ways of phrasing your sentences and you might hit on some words they understand more fluently.

Give A Good Tip

Perhaps the most important tip you should keep in mind is the one you give your driver at the end of the ride. A 10% tip is typical for most Canadian taxi drivers. If you follow these guidelines and give your driver a great tip, they'll be sure to smile when they drop you off.

For more information about improving your taxi rides and being a good customer, contact a local cab company like Richmond Cabs Ltd